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Object type:Teedose
extended object type:Rationsdose
Measures:H: 2,6 cm, B: 8,3 cm, L: 11 cm
Eine graue Metalldose. Teeration aus der alliierten Besatzungsverpflegung. Schwarze Aufschrift: Tea Ration 5 ozs. (containing Tea, Sugar and Soluble Milk Powder) Directions: Use dry spoon an sprinkle powder on the heated water and bring to the boil stirring until the milk powder is completely dissolved. The contents of the tins are sufficient für 6 pints of tea. For small quantities, 1 oz. (3 heaped teaspoonsfuls) are to be added to each pint of water. To open tin insert coin in corner groove and turn. Dünner: special note - after the first opening this can, remove rubber ring from the inside of the lid an by wrapping it round the outside of the can an the lid, keep the lid retained tightly to the body of the can. Kleiner: Reg. Design No. 794715 & 809365 Pat. No. 425312 & 464364. Dieselben beiden Angaben noch einmal in den Boden gestanzt.

Inventory Number: 9062

Image rights: Museen im Kulturzentrum