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Kiel Museum of Theatre
Tiefe Allee 45
24149  Kiel

E-Mail: theatermuseum-kiel@hotmail.de

Opening Hours

at the theatre performances

The „Verein zur Förderung des Aufbaus und der Gründung eines Theatermuseums in Kiel e.V.“ (Registered association to support the development and foundation of a theatre museum in Kiel) designs and organizes changing exhibitions in theatre foyers in Kiel on a voluntary basis. The main objective is to give the collections on theatre history in Kiel, that have not received much attention so far, a platform for presentation. The extensive stock of photographies of the opera house and the playhouse, the holdings of the Collection on Theatre History as well as the ones of the Hebbel Collection of Kiel University are examined and used for exhibitions that accompany current theatre productions. The estate of the theatre photographer Erika Haendler-Krah that is stored in the City Archive represents the theatres of Kiel. It documents more than 25 years of theatre history in Kiel. Erika Haendler-Krah’s successor, Joachim Thode, made photographies at the theatres of Kiel for the next 25 years. The Collection on Theatre History and the Hebbel Collection contribute set and costume designs, manuscripts, engravings of artist’s portraits, architectonic designs, set models, photographies, theatre leaflets, programmes and other items covering five centuries. In addition, exhibits of private owners are available for exhibitions.