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Firmenmuseum Pohl-Boskamp
Kaddenbusch 11
25578  Dägeling

E-Mail: info@pohl-boskamp.de

Opening Hours

Wednesday 10 a.m - 3 p.m.

On an exhibition space of 250 qm this museum presents historical objects from more than 100 years of industrial pharmaceutical production. Particular attention is paid to the history of the Pohl-Boskamp company. In 2010 it celebrated its 175-year-anniversary, so it is one of the oldest pharmaceutical companies in Germany.
The smallest exhibit is a Desmoid pill which measures only a few millimetres. It is a speciality of Pohl-Boskamp which was developed to measure gastric acid secretion. Until 1993 it was produced manually. The biggest exhibit is the first fully automatic machine for producing seamless soft gelatine capsules, the Globex. All exhibits are shown within their historical context: there are reconstructions of various fields of work of the production, the filling and the management. Furthermore there are activity areas for visitors and a cinema which shows historical recordings. A special feature of the museum is the glass channel which allows visitors to watch today’s pharmaceutical production at Pohl-Boskamp company.