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Elbe Shipping Museum
Elbstraße 59
21481  Lauenburg/Elbe

Fax: 04153/5909299
E-Mail: museum@lauenburg-elbe.de

Opening Hours

Tue-Fri 10 am–6 pm
Sat-Sun, Hol 10 am–5 pm

Tue-Sun 10 am–4 pm

The museum exists since 1926. In 1960 it was changed into a national museum on Elbe shipping. The historical development of the shipping on the Elbe from Hamburg to Bohemia is presented. The development from logboats to modern pushing units is explained with original exhibits and models in the scale of 1:50. The section on the history of technology comprises original ship's engines from 1855 to the present in chronological order. Partly, their function can be demonstrated electrically. In addition to the permanent exhibition the museum presents special exhibitions on specific topics several times a year.
The shipping archive, which is open to interested persons, contains about 25.000 technical drawings, special literature, photos and records on central European inland shipping.