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Museums in the Cultural Centre
Arsenalstraße 2-10
24768  Rendsburg

Fax: 04331/27687
E-Mail: info@museen-rendsburg.de

Opening Hours

Tue-Fri 10 am – 6 pm, Sat-Sun 10 am – 5 pm

The 'Hohe Arsenal' is a three-winged building complex from the fortified times of Rendsburg, which was once used for military purposes. Since 1991 the exhibits of the local history museum and the collections on the development of graphic trades are presented there.
'Historisches Museum Rendsburg' (Rendsburg Historical Museum): modern presentation on town history and the history of daily life. Worth seeing: true to the original models of the town showing the history and the development of Rendsburg, seafaring, Eider Canal, Kiel Canal, historical toys, Rendsburg pewter and faïence, original fittings of an ironmonger’s shop around 1890 and many other things.
Druckmuseum (printing museum): a complete hand compositor’s shop, machines for hot metal-setting and photocomposition, reproduction cameras, relief and offset printing machines, cutting machines and other machines of the graphic trades convey some knowledge of the art of printing. It is explained how the printing trade rapidly developed from Gutenberg’s single letters to the digital setting machine.