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Dithmarschen Museum of Archaeology and Ecology
Bahnhofstr. 29
25767  Albersdorf

Fax: 04835/972390
E-Mail: info@museum-albersdorf.de

Opening Hours

Apr.-Oct.: Wed-Sun 11 am - 5 pm
opened for groups by appointment as well

Until 2003 the museum existed as 'Museum für Dithmarscher Vorgeschichte' in Heide. Then, it moved 16 kilometres to Albersdorf into the former station hotel and got a new name: 'Museum für Archäologie und Ökologie Dithmarschen'. Since July 2005 it presents an exhibition which has been thematically arranged in a new way. It combines archaeology with environmental history. In cooperation with the already existing '' (AÖZA), which is continually expanded, it will offer a comprehensive insight into the world of prehistoric hunters and farmers.