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Freilichtmuseum Am Kiekeberg
Am Kiekeberg 1
21224  Rosengarten-Ehestorf

E-Mail: info@kiekeberg-museum.de

The outdoor museum Kiekeberg, with its 40 historical buildings, exemplifies on 12 thousand square meters how the population of the Luneburg Heath and the Winsen Marsh used to live in former times. With their traditional interior furnishings and historical gardens, the farmhouses, farm buildings and barns paint a realistic picture of the period between 1600 and the 1950s. Traditional breeds of productive livestock, such as pigs, chickens and horses are still kept in the historical buildings.

The Agrarium is Germany’s first interactive exhibition for agriculture and foods that educates its visitors about nutrition, food production and processing. The Agrarium touches a variety of everyday topics, such as processing procedures (“how does a produce get from the field into a packet soup?” or “how does the milk get from the udder into the yoghurt?”), packaging, additives, bioenergy and luxury foods.
Special event days, markets and demonstrations of historical craftsmanship are organized for the visitors around the year.
For the event series “Gelebte Geschichte 1804” actors represent daily life and work from the year 1804 in the museum’s farm houses.