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House of Nature, Cismar
Bäderstraße 26
23743  Cismar

E-Mail: info@hausdernatur.de

Opening Hours

Daily 10 am – 7 pm, please make appointments for groups

This private nature museum exhibits one of the largest private snail and shell collections of the world. The lovingly restored historical brick building offers 500 m² exhibition space. The visitor can discover snails and shells (molluscs), indigenous and exotic minerals, fossils, preserved birds and mammals, butterflies, grasshoppers, beetles, crustacean, corals and many other things.
With more than 4.000 species it is the largest snail and shell exhibition in Germany. It provides a concise overview of the overwhelming diversity of this second largest animal clade. The shells vary in size between a grain of sand and a length of up to one meter and occur in all colours and forms. In addition to the exhibition there is an extensive collection of mollusc shells that is used for research and special exhibitions.Throughout the year there are several special exhibitions (mostly on topics of natural history as well).