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Schleswig-Holstein Fire Brigade Museum
Friedrichsgaber Weg 290
22846  Norderstedt

Fax: 040/525 65 40
E-Mail: feuerwehrmuseum@wtnet.de

Opening Hours

Wed-Sat 3-6 pm, Sun 11 am - 6 pm, groups by appointment, closed on holidays

The exhibited museum collection shows part of our general history of technology and social history. On an exhibition area of 1.500 m2, the visitor can look at impressive testimonies of defence and preventive protection against fire since 1600 like fire laws, manual fire hoses, fire engines, portable pumps, uniforms, decorations, books and photographs. The “Feuerwehrmuseum” (fire brigade museum) provides the expert visitor, the fireman, with an insight into the development of his field of work. In addition, it wants visitors unconnected with the subject to get interested in this often unnoticed field of our daily life and to understand it. The museum organizes small exhibitions on technical topics at irregular intervals throughout the summer months. The exhibition “Contemporary arts and crafts” is shown regularly on the last weekend of March in cooperation with the “Stadtmuseum Norderstedt” (Norderstedt town museum) and the “FORUM Norderstedt – Kultur und Städtepartnerschaften” (FORUM Norderstedt – culture and town partnerships).