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Wedel City Museum
Küsterstraße 5
22880  Wedel/Holstein

Fax: 04103/707300
E-Mail: stadtmuseum@wedel.de

Opening Hours

Thu-Sat 2-5 pm, Sun 11 am – 5 pm

The Wedel collection on its town history covers the period from the first mentioning in a document in 1212 up to the 1950ies. Different topics and fields are presented: for instance women’s work in farming, dairy farming and housekeeping or traditional trades of the Elbmarsch region like that of the “Bandreißer” and the ropemaker. The National Socialist period in Wedel is presented in its effect on daily life. 70% of the town was destroyed by bombs in 1943. In the post-war era today’s museum building also served as an emergency accommodation. The history tour ends with the 1950s, with the presentation of the economical reconstruction and the social house building.