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Priesterkate parsonage, Büchen
Gudower Straße 1
21514  Büchen

Fax: 04155/8009-999
E-Mail: info@gemeinde-buechen.de

The „Priesterkate“ in Büchen-Village was build 1649 as a parsonage, in the late middle ages. During that time ducal Landtage took place there. The cultural center with cafe is situated just next to the Elbe-Lübeck-Kanal and opposite the church of St. Mary.
Today in the historical hall of the Priesterkate cultural events (for example concerts, cabaret, comedy, theatre for children, lectures) and civil marriages take place.
In the attic is a permanent exhibition that informs about the history of the Stecknitzfahrt (wet salt road) and the former intra-German border.
In the rooms of the café they present changing current and historical topics from the region Büchen.
The Priesterkate is starting point of two thematical bicycle tours: The Memorial Tour and the Border Tour.