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Arthur Boskamp Foundation M.1
Breite Straße 18
25551  Hohenlockstedt

Fax: 04826/850111
E-Mail: info@arthurboskamp-stiftung.de

Opening Hours

Fri 2-8 pm, Sat+Sun 2-6 pm
guided tours by appointment

The Arthur Boskamp Foundation M.1 was founded in 2003 in remembrance of the entrepreneur Arthur Boskamp (1919-2000) who also engaged artistically. Aim of the foundation is to support and convey contemporary art. In addition, the foundation administers the artistic estate of Arthur Boskamp and maintains the historical building which houses the exhibition rooms. Each year the Arthur Boskamp Foundation offers a different curator the opportunity to try him- or herself out at the Exhibition Hall M.1. This offer is unique within the German exhibition and museum scene. Additionally, the foundation annually awards two grants to young artists from Northern Germany.
The Exhibition Hall M.1 presents topical artistic positions from different branches of modern art, photography, sculpture, painting, video art and installation. The foundation team is available for guided tours. Accompanying the exhibitions the foundation organises a varied programm of events.
There is a coffeehouse within the premises. Visitors are welcome during the opening hours of the exhibitions and on days of events.