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25479  Ellerau


Opening Hours

Every 1st and 3rd Saturday of a month, each time 3-5 pm.
Summer break in July and August.

The Karl-Rautenberg-Museum in Ellerau aims to preserve and present rural life in its manifold small and sympathetic facets. Completely furnished living rooms from around 1900, farming tools, traditional tools and household items are presented. Furthermore the visitor can see tools of a shoemaker’s, tailor’s, smith’s and carpenter’s shop as well as of the bricklaying and butcher’s trade. Memories of former school days come up again while seeing a school class with benches, teacher’s desk, slates and other writing boards. Old class photographs, exercise and textbooks clearly show the younger visitors the great change that has taken place in the educational system.
A special exhibition is dedicated to the former company of Arthur A. Erlhoff. After 1945 its production of women’s clothing became known throughout Europe. With its tax yield it decisively influenced the development of the town.